01410: Finally Some Sunshine

It looks like the weather is finally starting to turn and life can truly returned to normal soon enough. Of course rescue and relief operations continue in the flooded areas of the metropolis so not everyone is out of danger, but the rest of us are free to go about our business for the most part.

Case in point, I finally reported for work again last night and ended up burning my leaves to ensure that I'd get paid for the days that I was away. And naturally I had a fair amount of work waiting for me since I had been out all week. Thus last night's shift was mostly about catching up with my personal queue while dealing with the occasional phone call that was part follow-up, part expression of concern over the weather situation. You have to love how folks balance work demands with concern for the welfare of others.

On the domestic front, I'm getting back into the cooking groove again. With Prince gone, that means cooking is back on my shoulders or Tobie's when he's here at the Sietch. I haven't tried anything more complex than my lazy chicken minestrone from the other night but I'll probably get around to that soon enough. In the meantime, I've been honing my old cooking skills with short order meals, which sort of matching traditional breakfast time when I get home from work. Case in point - today was a hearty mix of hotdogs, danggit and pan-scrambled eggs. Not the healthiest meal, but pretty darn good.

I also picked up some fresh greens at Farmer's Market today after work so now the Sietch has new lettuce, potatoes and other yummy things that should go well in future dishes. I just have to figure out what exactly I'm going to be preparing in the future to satisfy various cravings. And who knows, I might even try to entertain guests soon! And that sounds pretty exciting, don't you think?