01423: Dreißig

by Jovan de Ocampo
Today is my birthday - or more like was by the time this entry posts. I'm officially thirty years old as of today (hence the quirky German blog post title). And it's been fun.

You see that there - that is a gorgeous Shai-Hulud cake as inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune. The worm was created by our friend Jovan, who can do some pretty amazing things with fondant. And this is what she put together for my birthday - with the prompting of Tobie of course.

So yeah, it has been a geeky birthday. Let me count the ways.

My sister helped kick things off with a generous Amazon Gift Card that led to me buying like 7 Kindle ebooks in quick succession. And a few friends also chipped in and gave me a few more books from my Wish List - thank you so much! And I've been spending most of my day replying to individual greetings from various friends across social media. And yes, I'm one of those weirdos who have disabled their Facebook Walls for public posts and thus people need to be a bit more determined to greet me if they want to.

The adorkable Jesse
Then after a decent power nap and some Jollibee palabok, it was time to get ready for our Potted Potter adventure. Tobie was going to drive our crew. Jovan was joining (along with bringing the surprise Dune cake). And we had special young guest in the form of Veda, who was probably the biggest Harry Potter fan among us all.

We all had varying knowledge of what this show was going to be about, but ultimately none of us were prepared for how hilarious it was going to be. I swear, we were all laughing our heads off all throughout the show and the rather high ticket prices were certainly justified in the end. I do not regret the investment at all at this point and it certainly presented a unique way to celebrate my birthday.

Plus we got to stay after the show for autographs and photos! We love Jesse!

Read Comics in Public Day
Then it was off to Nemoto for some Japanese food. This has become my favorite Japanese restaurant given the high quality of the food. It was Jovan's first time to eat there (or maybe not) so it was nice to introduce her to something I really enjoy a lot.

We ate a lot more than we should have given Nemoto's generous portions and great prices. And let's not forget - the food is really nommy. And their rich manga collection became an easy aid in our efforts to somehow participate in Read Comics in Public Day. Tobie took this quirky shot to the right.

And now we've all retired to the Sietch to finally enjoy this cake. Let's see how the rest of the night pans out, but I expect to be asleep soon. Ah well.