01415: Something Brief Before Bed

Brain is running a little slow right now, so I suppose I ought to keep this post brief. It's the normal consequence of the Monday shift struggle that every call center worker experiences after 2 consecutive relays.

Back to the work grind, as always. And while things weren't too bad, they weren't necessarily all that fun either. But work is work, so what can you do? At least I managed to address all my deadlines for the day along with addressed a few questions from the field, in a manner of speaking.

After the horrendous weather of last week, it appears we're dealing with an actual storm this time around. That means some fun winds to go with the usual rain even though parts of the city still aren't fully dry. The end result is going to be the same - a lot of grumbling about the weather, increased fears of more flooding in the city and more blamestorming about why the city's infrastructure is so lousy and other related problems that come up during bad weather.

I'm trying new meds to deal with my lingering asthma-related cough. My mom has been taking it for her cough and it seems to help. I had tried some over the weekend as well and it seemed to be do me some good as well so here's to hoping. I've been dealing with this cough since before the big monsoon downpour of last week and I'd like for it to go away sooner rather than later.

And that's all that I can really say at this point. Too sleepy to be a bit more in-depth right now. Oh well.