01424: Post-Birthday Geekery

So I think I had a pretty good birthday.

Sure, I didn't have a big party nor did I have some extravagant out-of-town excursion planned. I didn't exactly splurge on toys (at least not yet) nor did I go out of the way to eat at some fancy restaurant. Instead I celebrated my birthday the best way possible - with people important to me and with a lot of geekery.

This is Gene.
Today I sort of wrapped up the US-side of my birthday (blame call center thinking) by hanging out with a new friend, Gene.

Gene is one of the few good things that I got out of my experiment with apps like Grindr. Yes, leave it to me to find a new geeky friend on a gay hook-up app.

Gene has a healthy appreciation for 1980's cartoons and yet also acknowledges that my knowledge of said cartoons exceeds his own. While I collect Transformers, he collects Minimates and we may find convergence in our collections should I ever make that leap of faith and start to collect Kre-O Transformers. And today I learned that he loves Neil Gaiman as well - which makes sense given his general love of comics.

Geek friends are important and it's nice to find someone in the area that I can hang out with to talk about toys, argue with regarding old cartoon plots and characters and to just be generally geeky with. I think I lost a little of that in months past and with the help of Tobie and new friends like Gene, I think I'll be able to properly and fully reconnect with my geek side. Plus Gene is yet another person that I can drag along for toy browsing (because I'm in denial about my shopping habits) and such, so that's always a good thing.

I mean come on, it's a rare breed of person who is willing to spend the day re-watching all 13 episodes of the Visionaries series. And we'll see if we can work out a schedule for him to try gaming, perhaps with one of the Marvel heroes game systems (I'll trust Tobie to figure out the best option here).Plus he endured being introduced to the craziness that is College Humor's Dinosaur Office. So awesome.

In other news, Tobie and I have booked a trip to Singapore in November to catch the hit musical Jersey Boys. I know, I know, technically I had sworn off any travel plans for the year,  but then musicals remain my weakness and this seemed worth traveling out of the country for. So it looks like we have one last trip to factor in before 2012 comes to a close or the world end, whichever comes first.

Well I need to get some rest. The birthday is over so it's back to the work grind tonight.
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