01408: August is My Birthday Month

The weather is totally frakked up this week. Seriously.

While the typhoon itself increasingly north of the country at this point, storm signals are still in effect in the Northern provinces while it's not exactly a sunny day in Metro Manila either. The general conditions have been shifting through moments of sunshine, then pouring rain and / or strong winds. Just watching the news reports on whether or not classes have been suspended in various parts of the metropolis or even in the outlying provinces is a rather dizzying and sometimes confusing affair. But I doubt even the best meteorological equipment wouldn't be able to determine the weather beyond the next few hours with any true degree of accuracy. And thus we continue to roll with the punches as best as we can - something we've learned to do as a people given the fact that we get this horrible weather every year without fail.

Work remains pretty busy this week, but that much is to be expected I suppose. We're still dealing with all the stuff that came in late July and I'm expecting other initiatives to begin with the start of this new month.

Yup, it's finally August, which means it's also my birthday month. Given the fact that I'm newly single, I'm not sure what that's going to mean come the end of the month. This is also the year that I'm finally turning 30 years old. And again, I'm single. Is that supposed to mean anything?

I don't know what I want to happen on my birthday. Naturally a few friends familiar with the date have started to ask me about my plans for the year - like if there's going to be a party or whatever. And I know a lot of them are just full of good intentions and are just trying to find ways to cheer me up and such, thinking about celebrating this particular milestone in Base 10 counting is a bit beyond me at this point. Maybe something will come to me in time.

"Traditionally", some of my more recent birthdays have been celebrated at places like O Bar. But right now I'm not sure when I plan on making a return appearance there. Although, it's hard to imagine how one might live the single gay life without trying to arrange for a visit or two back to clubs like O Bar. And since the current bed isn't quite my flavor anymore in terms of "the scene", I'd be an idiot if I totally avoided O Bar indefinitely.

Oh decisions, decisions. Curse the challenges of the single life, har har!


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