01426: Dr. Pepper Musings

It's the end of another long work day and I'm enjoying my first-ever can of Dr. Pepper Cherry. It was a gift from Gene since he insists that I try it in the way that any geek strongly advocates his passions and interests when encountering other geeks. It's pretty good, very sweet but perhaps a tad too sweet for my tastes. I guess I'm still an original Dr. Pepper kind of guy. 

Thus the classic Garfield quote: "The good gourmet never shies away from a new taste treat." We can just ignore the fact that as he said this, he tossed a pair of yellow gym socks into his mouth after thinking it was some sort of a casserole. The weird things we retain from our childhood.

One more work shift to go! I can hardly wait. Really. LOL

The pet training efforts for Yoshi have just begun, and we're eagerly awaiting positive results. So far we've applied the solution to his pee box and have been making him sniff it regularly. He does seem curious about the scent and goes back frequently. 

And then he still pees elsewhere. Darn it.

But it has only been a day since we started training him, so we need to give the product a bit more time to work. But it also means a lot of diligence and making sure he sniffs the solution regularly and that we re-apply the solution as needed. I just really hope this works.

My blogging feels very back on track now so I'm thinking about my writing again. The year is coming to a close, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and I still have my standing writing goals. With enough time, effort and a bit of support, I'd like to end the year with something decent on-hand. At least that's the plan.