01418: Somewhat Busy Friday

Ahoy, weekend ahead!!!

Last day of the work week and the sun is out - which is a pretty good thing in light of recent events. This weekend is a 4-day weekend for most, although for us BPO folks it's pretty much just another regular week. We're one of those industries where you have to ask if you can take the holiday or not given our unique working hours and such. But hey, it more than pays the bills so I can't really complain.

And while I won't have a 4-day weekend like most of the country, at least I'll be able to enjoy a 3-day weekend, so that's something right? I don't get the full holiday entitlements of truly local workers but I do get my kicks when I can.

Operation: Yellow Alert
Today got a number of errands done right after work. A quick trip to the bank (it's nice when the tellers already know who you are), followed by a slightly overdue haircut (my old barber has moved on to greener pastures!) and then a hearty ramen lunch with Tobie (after I managed to wake him up, hehe). Then we went around a bit to pick up a few supplies including the quirky little pee box for Yoshi. It's like a litter box, but for dogs, although the disposable diaper pads were not in stock nor was the puppy trainer solution. So it looks like we'll just have to work with him the old fashioned way until we can get the additional supplies.

Oh, and Tobie helped me find some pretty decent Transformers shirts that actually fit me. The challenge is that they only sell them in the teen section of the department store so we have to see what patterns were available in the 2XL range. Thankfully we ended up with two shirts - one Autobot and one Deception, so I'm just glad that I get to grow my modest collection of Transformers shirts.

Man, I'm such a geek. And proud of it!

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