0140B: Single Weekend #2

The weekend is now upon us once more, and I'm generally free to do pretty much whatever I want. Well, not quite everything I suppose, but I certainly have a number of options. But given the weather and me feeling, well, not quite 100%, I might opt to stay home and exercise only those options that let me stay home. One involves a friend dropping by if he's free - provided he too isn't bogged down by the weather as well. Only time will tell.

At least my plans for tomorrow are a bit more solid at this point. I'll be meeting up with friends in the afternoon to possibly discuss initial plans for the Pride March in December. Then we'll be catching some plays over at The Library. Not sure how things will pan out beyond that, but I expect to go home shortly after that. The weather is just too weird these days.

Outside of those activities, I'm of course free to blog, play PS3 games, spend more time with Yoshi and generally clean up the Sietch some more. There are Transformers to unbox, figures to arrange and books to cover in plastic. There's writing to be done, stories to be read and all that good stuff.

What a fulfilling life. Yay?


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend to me. I love being home alone... And if I do get lonely, I just start stalking you guys... Haha


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