0141F: Amusing Myself Until the Weekend

I very rarely directly participate in memes but the on-going #SottoPlagiarismProtest hash-tag activity on Twitter was too delicious to ignore. After trying a few tweets where I misattributed quotes from She-Ra, Megatron, and Ida from Shaider, I decided I wanted to take things a wee bit further. And so I created the image on the right with one of those handy meme generators. And I'm rather happy with the results, hehe. Someone even added it to a Storify post!

Work is okay, but still fairly busy. I never seem to be without at least 2-3 major deadlines on my task list to deal with and I fear that things are going to get even busier in the weeks ahead. We're approaching the end of the fiscal quarter and that means that budget utilization estimates will be pretty much where they need to be and any interests in new business will have the greatest chance of becoming a reality right around now.

Beyond that, it looks like I have a pretty busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow I'll be catching the Upstart Productions repeat run of Forbidden Broadway together with Nik, then Sunday I hope to check out the Toy Kingdom Toy Exp Philippines 2012, if only for the shadow of a chance to get some fun Transformers on sale. I'm set to meet up with a new friend on Sunday as well and maybe manage to meet up with a long-time blogging contact to discuss any options for me to volunteer to help out with their organization.

It's all part of my efforts to remain productive and positive and to continue to better myself. My being single should be a good avenue for these sorts of changes instead of me using it as time to mope around and be a gloomy gus, as is often depicted in popular media. I have a good feeling about the way things are going. I still don't have quite a clear path forward just yet, but I do feel like I am making some headway. I've definitely learned a new things and I think I'm just about ready to stretch my wings a wee bit more.

Wish me luck.
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