0140A: All Alone at the Sietch

So Prince moved out this morning before I got home from work. This was something he had decided to do based on his text conversation with Tobie - Prince was at O Bar for his Thursday gig while Tobie was already settled in back at his family home at Tahanan Village. I suppose you could say that this was inevitable given the course of the break-up, but naturally there as a part in all of our hearts that probably still hoped that things could still turn around. But there's a certain degree of finality and certainty that comes with moving out. And thus in some ways you can't help but feel obligated to see things through.

The Sietch is a pretty big place to be alone in and I know it's going to be quite the learning experience in itself. I haven't really lived alone for an extended period of time before - it comes with never really having been single for about a decade. Plus there's the trick of keeping the other members of the Sietch well cared for - Yoshi is still here and so is Bah-Yoth, the fabulous fighting fish. At least that will keep me busy during the idle moments.

So Prince is gone and Tobie is still in the South and I'm here. Welcome to the new status quo.

And while the ASA Family is truly no more, I don't regret anything. I knew that a lot of friends thought that we were crazy to even attempt this but we knew the risks. But at the same time, I still feel bad that we were, for lack of a more sensitive term, not successful. Perhaps we could have done more, but there's not point in second-guessing ourselves.

I'm okay. Not as sad as I thought I would be but not as stable as I hoped I would be either. Well, we just do the best that we can given what life gives us, huh? And that also means figuring out the next steps forward in this life of mine and learning more about myself. It means being prepared to make mistakes and of course to be ready to experience new wonders as well.

Wish me luck.