02A75: Saturday Schedule Squeeze

Friday Lemon Cheesecakes

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 615

Because I wasn't satisfied with how busy the workweek has been, I really milked up every last bit of Friday by also running the company's monthly game night at the end of the day. For something new, I went ahead and purchased the latest Jackbox Party Games set (at full price!) and I'm glad the new games proved to be pretty intriguing, to say the least. And since we only played 2 of the 5 games in the set, that leaves us with something for our next few game nights.

And to add even more to our plate, it seems we have quite a number of things to juggle tomorrow. Every Saturday, Tobie runs a one-shot RPG and this week's game is Blood & Honor, which is a system that I love a LOT. I often let these games go by on their own so that I have more time to work out, but I really do want to play in this week's game. The simplest solution would be to wake up earlier so that I get my workout done before the game is set to start at 09:00am, but then again, who wants to wake up early on a Saturday, right?

And then this Saturday is also my scheduled errand day for my parents, so I need to make sure I set aside time for that. I usually go out after my workout so that I'm back in time for whichever game is scheduled for the afternoon, but that REALLY means I can't work out after the Blood & Honor game and still get the errands done AND make it back in time for our online game night which should start around 05:00pm. 

I'm not quite sure how we're going to go about things. The smart decision is to go to bed and make sure to wake up earlier. But we do like to stay up a bit during the weekend, especially given we have four new board games (and an expansion!) that just arrived at the Sietch today, not counting the two others that Tobie had ordered earlier this week. Oh, the dark geeky temptation indeed.

We never have enough time for all the fun things we want to do. But we'll figure things out in time.