02A70: Sunday Scheduling

Sunday Brunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 610

A lot of people have problems falling asleep. I seem to have challenges staying asleep - at least during the weekend when I'm supposed to have the luxury of sleeping in more. To be fair, it is slightly a testament to how I've conditioned my body to wake up for work. But when you lie down closer to 4am, you do not want to find yourself waking up at 8am. My main disruptive trigger for both Saturday and Sunday was waking up to go to the bathroom, then trying to get back to sleep. Ah well, the joys of age or whatever you want to call that.

Being awake does help one remain productive though. By the time I finally got out of bed today, Tobie had already left for the grocery, so I scrambled to send him my grocery list for irregular items not part of our weekly cycle. I got my workout started and Tobie arrived home in-between my weights and yoga sets, so I was free to help him store the food and such.

Tobie had purchased some roast beef for lunch because he's been supporting the weekend market at SM Aura when he can, so I just had to supplement with greens to round out the meal. Our lunchtime viewing was a mix of the latest episodes of The Lost Symbol and Foundation, but I still keep wanting to watch the James Bond movies after last night's venture. 

The main activity for today was our Pendragon RPG session. Despite how we have 2-3 sessions for this one every month, it was a bit of a surprise that this is actually one of our last Pendragon games for the year as the December calendar is looking pretty tight for everyone. The game itself was great and we had some interesting stories for the day. I'm glad that we still pushed through as one of the players wasn't feeling 100% and we had the risk of another scheduled game getting canceled. 

And our last activity for the day was watching Repertory Philippines' "The Great Christmas Cookie Bake Off", for which I had gotten a ticket for mainly to support the theater company. These more kid-friendly plays are rarely groundbreaking theatrical productions, but they can still be a lot of fun. This was pretty decent, but also not the best thing I've ever seen. And it felt like they had arranged the production so that they were either lip-syncing to their own recorded voices or everything was dubbed over with cleaner audio. Just another reminder that it's not always easy to translate theater experiences to digital ones.

And now another weekend is over and a new workweek is set to begin. Life goes on.