0263B: Travel Weariness

I'm still feeling the general sense of fatigue that comes with international travel. Even though the flight home from Singapore is just over 3 hours, it seems to have been enough to leave me feeling quite sluggish. Then again I didn't quite get as much sleep as I should have as the flight in itself was at around 03:00am and we had to get up by noon for other errands for the day.

While we had no plans of braving the crowds of Free Comic Book Day, we still ventured out to support Gaming Library's "Tabletop Month" event at Greenbelt 5. It was a chance to try out some news games and to get discounts for good games as well. Urim taught us how to play Paper Tales and then we picked up a few games of interest. On the whole it's always nice to patronize these events as Gaming Library has been making a serious effort to further community building among fellow tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

But the real focus of today is our monthly Pendragon RPG session with my fellow knights of the once brotherhood of the bear. Our last game killed off half the party and now we're meeting their new characters who are cousins and other relatives of the fallen characters. With luck I'll stay awake long enough to see the end of today's session. But it is proving to be a bit of a struggle.