0264E: Cooking Conundrum

So I've been generally "good" this week as I've made sure to prepare lunch for me and Tobie pretty much every day this week. I may not always cook dinner, but at least I try to make sure that lunch is covered. My home-cooked Quorn meals still have to be healthier than most quick lunch options at work.

I'm writing about this now since I'm feeling super lazy about cooking and I really should get over that. Instead of writing about cooking I should just go on and prepare something so we don't order out tomorrow.

At bare minimum I could cook some Quorn nuggets as that's pretty much just fry and forget. That is the very least I could do and as I write about it I am also reminding myself of this fact. I need to get off this chair and get cooking so that we have something for lunch as I have already pre-portioned servings of rice precisely to make meal prep easier.

But I also feel like it would be nice to put more effort and cooking something more complicated, but then the laziness is still there. There's still that desire to just watch TV or play a computer game or something else but put more effort into cooking. And it is the last day of the work week so might as well aim for a full set, right? Let's finish this week right!

Compromise: Still fry the nuggets and at least prep a quick sauce to go wth it, so it's not just plain old nuggets. But man, do we even have nuggets left? I forgot to check.