0263F: Back in the Saddle

After feeling crummy since I arrived back in Manila last Saturday, things finally turned around today and I woke up feeling a lot closer to normal. Still not fully 100%, but this was definitely close enough.

My malaise had the sad side-effect of me not cooking lunches and I've been relying on 7-Eleven meals to see me through the week. But I was already getting sick of that sort of thing and wanted to get over my own frustrations over not cooking meals. So I promised myself that one way or another I'd try to get back into cooking tonight given the improvement in my condition.

Given we hadn't really done a proper grocery run since before my Singapore trip, our supplies were definitely running low in terms of fresher stuff like vegetables. So the end result was a quick pasta with Quorn as the base meat. I tried something rather new and the end result was pretty interesting but not quite what I had hoped. But at leawst it was edible and Tobie seemed to enjoy it, so that's what matters, right?

Now I just need to get back into my yoga groove, get the house supplies restocked and cooking back in full swing and then I should be okay. Or at least better.