0264D: Japanese transition

In my early days of working in BGC, we fell in love with Keizo, this Japanese restopub at Burgos Circle that served an awesome chirashidon. It was pricy but excellent and one of best places for uni (sea urchin). But over time the portions have gotten smaller and the sashimi cuts thinner and that has been rather disappointing.

When we finally moved to BGC we eventually discovered Washoku Musashi-Tei, this quaint Japanese place tucked away in the second floor of a sort of mini-mall called The Forum. They offer great set meals that are on the pricier side but totally worth it given the very generous portions. Their service is pretty good and their menu provides so many options to explore that we continue to enjoy going there.

We also liked Fukudaya, but that place is really expensive and is made to feel like a fine dining experience with the quirky element of soy sauce in a spray bottle. We haven't eaten there in a while and Tobie has been joking that it'll shut down since we've been ignoring it. That same may be said for Keizo now since we don't go there as much either. Only time will tell.