02645: Summertime Fire Days

I know that we probably get into this discussion every year but man this summer season feels particularly HOT. It's the sort of hot that has my IFTTT UV Index alerts going nuts as we can already start the day at an Index 8 but hit Index 11 by noon, which is seriously dangerous. The air conditioning at the office can't quite keep up with the noontime sun, which feels like a major first for office history. I'm having all the machines serviced to help things along and I'm trying to source alternate cooling units as well.

We typically reserve using airconditioning at home when we have guests for games but this weather has me more than willing to fire it up even just for me and Tobie. The heat makes it harder to think and process things and you know all the rest. All this isn't great for the environment nor our regular electricity bills, but such is the struggle of this tropical country.