02650: Sunday Hibernation Time

Between watching Solo: A Star Wars Story, board games with friends in QC and a full crazy event night at O Bar, it was a small miracle we survived yesterday. But all the fun and hilarity was certainly worth it but it also came with a heavy price.

I figured that Tobie and I would wake up around lunchtime given all that but in the end we stayed in bed until 06:00pm. I'd wake up periodically to read and finished a bunch of digital comics and my current active review book while Tobie mostly slept through the day. One could argue that this was a bit of a waste of a Sunday but sometimes rest adn relaxation is precisely the best way to make use of a weekend.

So we're just relaxing for now and watching more Netflix content to pass the time. The work week looms just around the corner and we'll need to get back into the groove of things. I know I'm going to have a weird week since Tuesday is Vesak Day, which is a holiday in Singapore. But it'll be a regular work day for Tobie so I'll just be home alone, watching more stuff and probably opening up some Transformers.