02638: A Blur of a Week

The brevity of this particular Singapore trip is something I remain quite cognizant of as the days tick by. And even with the Labor Day holiday things feel particularly busy as there's so much that needs to get done. I'm primarily here for a big meeting on Friday and I can only hope that things will go well when that time comes along.

We had mostly stayed in yesterday because of the holiday and the rainy weather and today we had a fair bit of juggling around here and there. At least I still got to squeeze in some Books Kinokuniya time thanks to other errands that occupied my sister and that's one item off my checklist (but a shame we didn't get to shop together this time around). Tomorrow I hope to drop by Games @ PI and hopefully catch dinner with a friend while I'm still in town, but we'll see how things go.

The bulk of my Friday will be busy with client stuff so I'll only have a little breathing space before I need to head off to the airport for my 02:00am flight. Crazy, crazy work trip but they are always good trips so I can't really complain.