02637: Rainy Tuesday in Singapore

My first full day in Singapore has been a rainy one, but it's just as well given it is also a holiday here so there was no real drive to leave the house. Just accompanied the crew on some errands for the new house and mostly that has been it.

Between my flight and the free time today, I managed to finish the last two books in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series and I'm quite the fulfilled geeky reader. The books turned out to be far more complex than I had initially anticipated and the narrative crafted across the 13 main books was exquisitely brilliant and way more to my liking than Harry Potter. There's an innate cleverness in the writing that is only compounded but the overall story and how it manages to have different messages for children and adults who get to experience reading this grim and dreadful tale.

But now that I've finished this extended detour into the Lemony Snicket books, I need to get back to the more serious books in my review queue so that I better deliver on my obligations as an independent book reviewer. At least I got to experience a great book series and now have a heck of a lot of book-related review content mapped out for the next 45 days or so.