02639: Rainy Singapore Socializing

It has been raining on and off all week here in Singapore and that has been quite the damper on my limited motivation to go out on my own. It's naturally a lot easier to stick with my sister as I don't have to worry about getting around as much. Not that transportation is all that difficult here. The weather just hasn't been as convenient as I'd like it to be.

But things cleared up long enough to meet up with a friend for dinner, as has become our habit over the past year. Despite many social media conversations we still manage to find things to talk about whenever I'm in town. Hooray for social interaction.

Then that also gave me the opportunity to visit our favorite geek store Games@PI. As much as we already buy a lot of games in Manila through the many board game retailers there, PI still manages to bring in a few titles we can't always really source. And thus I have a few new games to bring home for this trip, as always is the case.

One more full day then I'll be flying home again.