02648: Gaming Glut

This weekend is looking to be pretty busy on the gaming front. We're having a friend over to introduce him to more games tonight and both tomorrow and Sunday we'll be gaming with different monthly board game groups. And it's the same weekend that Deadpool 2 has hit theaters and it's the last weekend that Sa Wakas has shows as part of this run, so on the whole it's a pretty busy time and some serious decisions have to be made in terms of what to activities to commit to and which ones to let go.

Love, Simon is still showing at Greenbelt but I don't think we'll be able to juggle things in order to watch, so maybe we'll wait for video. I'm also seeing movie listings for the Aardman Animations production Early Man, but again none of the theaters in BGC are showing it so we might not catch it just yet. With Solo expected next week, I suspect it'll become another video option.

It's just a busy time for geeks.