0264F: Weekend Projections

So we're introducing a friend to board games tonight as our entertainment for the evening. Just part of our continuing efforts to spread the love for tabletop gaming to more and more people. On a similar note Tobie has started a Discord server for TAG Sessions this week as we explore the possibility of running RPGs online. It's a quirky option that some people seem to enjoy so maybe it'll work out as a way to supplement our gaming needs.

Tomorrow we'll be watching Solo: A Star Wars Story after lunch at the SM Aura IMAX theater. It'll be the first time we'll try watching there and I'm not sure if this is the right movie for it but we're commited at this point so let's see how it goes. Then it's another board game night with a friend followed by a special O Bar night to celebrate the birthdays of some of the O Divas so it's going to be a very long day.

Sunday will be more for rest and recovery but we do have a tentative plan for board games with another couple in the evening. But I expect we'll want to sleep in and wake up late given everything else we're busying ourselves with this weekend.

What's your weekend looking like?