0264A: Continuing Gaming Diversity

So one of our more recent gaming acquisitions is a Japanese game called Fold-It. The basic premise of the game is that you try to fulfill orders presented on the game cards by folding a cloth with different pictures of dishes on it such that only the dishes in the order are left visible. It's a fairly simple idea but executed quite well and brought together for a fun gaming experience. It's fun enough to play competitively or something you just want to practice folding and see if you can get your brain in the right position to solve it, in a manner of speaking.

I had recently raved about the joys of high concept Legacy games like Charterstone or singular gaming experiences like Exit: The Room. This is another case of brilliant game design that's just hard to describe. Maybe you can imagine that game being inspired by their love of origami but how this leads to a "cooking" game based around a folding mechanic is a hard stretch of the imagination to some degree.

We've been sharing the game with friends as of late and everyone who has had a chance to try it seems to love it, which only cements our assessment of its brilliance. Not everyone is necessarily good at it as it does require a particular skill for spatial reasoning but they still have fun trying.