02654: Canine Movie Magic

Isle of Dogs is an AMAZING movie.

I'm probably going to ramble about this for a while, but I really, really, REALLY loved this movie. And as much as I tend to enjoy Wes Anderson's movies in general, this one really stands out now. Maybe it's because I'll always have a soft spot for stop-motion animation. Maybe it's because I really love dogs.

As I prepare to write a formal review about this movie, I'm trying to capture in words all the things that I liked about the movie. At a basic level it's quite funny, or maybe it's more accurate to say that it's witty and clever. The jokes are simple but execued very well with impeccable timing. The animation is beautifully done and the attention to detail is kind of bonkers at times. There are so many unique little quirks that make each scene work and yet at the same time the clearly remind you that it is still an animated feature with the use of cotton for dust clouds and other little bits.

Or in the end it's the story. It has a lot of other bits dressing it up but at the end of the day it is the story of a boy looking for his dog. His companions on this journey just happen to be dogs. There's an elaborate plot that separate the boy from his dog and brought all these other dogs together but that's practically just part of the setting.

Or maybe I just miss Yoshi. Having a dog in your life is a special thing and he was a most special dog that we'll never truly be able to replace. But there's certainly for a pet in our lives some time in the future. I just can't quite determine when that will be.