02355: Tight Scheduling

So we have a lot going on this weekend and it seems that more and more things have been eager to join in on our schedule for one reason or another. We initially mapped out a bonus board game night tonight thinking that we had nothing else to do today and now we have other plans later in the night, a family breakfast in the morning and the need for me to fly to Singapore as early as next week.

When it rains, it pours.

But these are all not bad things - just additional complications to what needs to be managed and scheduled. I'm not sure if I can pull things off next week such that we manage all the obligations at the office without me since I think there are a few things that will still require my attention. I'll know more after I attempt a few calls in the morning to see if I can bother some folks over the weekend.

But for now it's best to let things roll along and just try to enjoy as best as we can. We're probably going to run ourselves ragged over the next 24-36 hours or so and I hope we don't go mad at the end of things. We'll see.