02356: Interesting Times

Today's game session with the Finer Gaming Things Club is still on-going and we generally have 2 games on-going at any time and way too much food to feed everyone. This group is always pretty big on celebrating our time together, so it always feels like a party.

Kind of crazy past 24 hours and I guess the excitement isn't ending any time soon. Last night was a last fun. Breakfast with mom and other relatives went pretty well, too and glad that Tobie was able to meet more of my family today. So many thoughts and feelings today.

I've also booked my last minute flight to Singapore on Monday so I'll be out for the week again. I fly back early Saturday morning so at least I won't miss any weekend events. Just need to figure out how to manage office expenses during the week while I'm away.

Tomorrow we're watching a play and that's about it. Will need to pack for my trip of course. Maybe we can have a few friends over for games in the night  it we'll see.