0235B: Winding Down

Feeling oddly drained today - I guess the stress of this work week is getting to me or something. We've been juggling a number of work initiatives this week, hence my trip, and so we're doing our best to keep things moving in the right direction. But yeah, still feeling rather drained.

I still have 2 reports that I really hope to finish tonight but finishing 1 would be a godsend at this point. Maybe I should take some time away and play a computer game or something. We'll see what I have time for - work comes first when it needs to. And I really don't want to bring too much of the work with me into the weekend.

I haven't even figured out how to bring home my luggage - and I have a fair amount that I need to deal with on this particular trip. While I'm not hauling stuff for the office this time around, I am bringing home a fair amount of geeky things for us along with some items for the family. It kind of boggles the mind to contemplate this but for now I'll park that problem for tomorrow night before I head off to the airport.