0236C: The Last Haul

After our 7th Sea game, Tobie helped coordinate the packing of last big batch of stuff at the old Sietch and we also found new homes for the items that we have long-decided not to bring to BGC. That includes redundant furniture like the bed or things we simply can't use here like the gas range and LPG tank. Most of the stuff went to the guys who helped us haul the prior batches of items to BGC while the fridge was specifically set aside for our admin officer at work.

Sietch Vicis is a bit of a mess with boxes and boxes items that aren't quite as well-sorted as past batches. Thus ironically it's taking a little longer to find places for everything. Among the more unusual discoveries such as some barely used gym bags from my call center days and other knickknacks that had slipped notice amid the significant stores of things that made up the old home.

I hope to get the bulk of things organized this week, then we'll feel a lot more comfortable about entertaining guests. It'll take a lot of work but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the long run. And I am rather eager to share our geeky home with good friends.