02364: A Lot of Stuff

So in the wee hours of the morning Tobie and I made our planned two trips to Cubao to gather more stuff. Most of the things that remain at Cubao are books and comics and today we made a serious effort to get as many books as possible over here. We had to use every available bag and box we had but it looks like we got a lot of stuff over.

One of the bigger challenges was hauling all of Tobie's heavier RPG books, which coincidentally we suspect caused the death of our old book shelves there as well. Grocery bags can't quite handle that and so we had to use our limited luggage to deal with that as best as we could. I think we got most of them over earlier this morning. Hard to tell until we fully unpack things.

That's the last problem. We still have to stow everything away. I suspect that we'll need additional storage bins in order to create more storage solutions but we'll still have things in need of homes. Books are the biggest problem and that's something we'll need to ponder a bit more.