02359: Singapore Shopping Efficiency

During my last work trip to Singapore, I barely squeezed in time for geeky shopping towards the end of the two-week trip. This time around I think I've gotten most if not all of the geeky shopping at Books Kinokuniya and Games @ PI addressed within the first two days of this barely one week trip. Efficiency indeed!

And yes, I know bringing all this home will be a pain and dealing with figuring out how to store everything is a problem in itself but that's the life we lead. It's a fair amount of money spent over the course of 24 hours but what we'll get back are new memories and new game experiences and new stories to tell with other gaming friends and all that good stuff. Buying books and games means investing in future experiences. And that's always worth something.

But with the geeky shopping done, I now have every little reason to leave the home office except maybe to eat. So I guess that means way more time to focus on work and getting things done and maybe reading as many of our new books as possible before the trip home to Manila. This also means more time with all the dogs, cats and rabbits that are part of the household and just enjoying the food.

I'm a simple geek with simple needs..