02363: Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

So I've repeated written about how we haven't fully moved all of our geeky collections to BGC and time pressure is mounting to get everything done before the old lease expires. We were supposed to have a board game night and we were expecting to meet our old landlady tomorrow so she could inspect the unit with turnover just a few days away.

But one thing has led to another and the universe seems to be telling us that we have a chance to resolve matters at the old Sietch and that we need to take advantage of that tonight. Game night got cancelled and our meeting with the landlady also got rescheduled so suddenly tonight is wide open. And so we're just waiting out traffic a bit before we head over to Cubao and hopefully complete 2-3 loads of stuff during the wee hours of the night in order to clear as much stuff as possible.

It's going to be a tiring night. The process involves trekking to Cubao, packing stuff amid all the dust and what have you, then hauling it all back to BGC. And if we're going to attempt multiple runs, we'll also need to figure out a way of emptying the bags that we use to haul stuff back and forth once we get to BGC only to fill them up again once we get to Cubao.

Don't get me wrong - I'm totally thankful for how things have worked out and we're not going to squander the opportunity. I just hope we get it all done tonight if possible so that's less stress moving forward. It seems things like this just keep on happening to us ever since we got together and we do our best to pay attentiont  little signs and signals of what could be deeper messages of a sort. Such is our life together.

And the work will be worth it as the rest of the weekend is already quite busy. We have both a play and a board game night set for tomorrow and we have an RPG session on Sunday. Come Monday it will be time to work again and we'll just have to repeat the cycle.