02367: Shelving Challenges

So I've been documenting what progress I've been able to manage with all the books that we've finally been able to haul over to the new place. For every shelf that I get to  arrange to my satisfaction, I find that there are still a good number of bags left with their own share of books or comics or the odd stacks of books from prior hauls that didn't fit my shelving categories.

We're running out of possible shelves and we're approaching that point when I need to figure out which books will just stay in bins for longer-term storage, especially for books that I don't expect to read or want to revisit an time soon. I'm also considering what to do with (1) books I have duplicates of and (2) books that I don't actually like all that much and should probably let go of.

Perhaps expect a Facebook album in the future or something.

We should get the rest of the moving done this week! Exciting, but also kind of sad.