02358: Singapore Time Again

I landed in Singapore early in the afternoon and went straight back to work. I made it just in time to help out with an on-going proposal that we're working on that was due earlier today. Whew.

Tobie reminded me that this trip was also a chance to be around pets again and of course there's nothing quite like the Singapore office to help you catch up on your quality pet time quota. Present count is 4 dogs, 3 cats and 5 rabbits an it does make the place feel all nice and warm and inviting.

Today's non-work related activity was dropping by Book Kinokuniya after work. I never go in with a list of items to get but I almost always seem to manage to walk out with quite a lot of stuff. And I really got a lot of extra stuff today with no regrets beyond considering what my credit card is going to be like in a few weeks.

And this is just after I spent some time fixing the new shelves before leaving. Geekery is both a blessing and a curse.