02362: We Come in Peace

New home location, new people as well it seems.

Cubao is not the easiest place to get to. It used to be somewhat central for me in terms of my old job but it was pretty north for everyone else. And it feels like a lot more gamers live further south than in the other direction. So we figured the move South would open up some new possibilities in terms of getting folks to game at the Sietch.

We're also trying to keep doors relatively open to new people but with some conditions of course in order to continue to support the gaming hobby and hopefully get more folks into tabletop gaming. But we're also doing our best to keep the transition easy for our more established gamers who used to make the effort to trek north to Cubao.

But I am happy with how the new Sietch is coming together and it feels even geekier than the last one. Or maybe it's just because the unit is smaller so all of our geeky collections really surround you on all sides.