02357: Pre-Flight Check

So I'm flying off to Singapore tomorrow morning for a last-minute week-long work trip because that's just the nature of the business. I do enjoy trips to Singapore as it's a lovely country although since more of my trips are work trips there isn't all that much time to see the sights or what have you. Work is work and while I do love what I do, it also means that I won't really have time to do much else.

So I guess it was also good that we had a great game night yesterday as a bit of a send-off before the trip. Once again the Finer Gaming Things Club did not disappoint in the quality of the food for the night and of course the level of challenge for the board games themselves. We had a pretty large group and eventually split up into two separate gaming tables, which made for quit a fun set of games. And given how players rotated across tables, every game was all the more unique.

I didn't win any though. But that's the way these things go sometimes.

So we're watching a play this afternoon and for now I'm trying to squeeze in some meal prep so Tobie has food to bring to work while I'm away. I have enough time to make one dish now and then we'll need to get ready to head off to Greenbelt 1. I also have a few items that I need to pick up for the trip so we'll just have to juggle things until we get home for the actual packing of luggage and other fun stuff,