0235E: Moving Installments

After yesterday's Legends of the Wulin game session, our friend volunteered to join us in making another run to Cubao to haul more stuff over. I still have way too many books over there in need of migration to the new place and we haven't even begun in earnest with dealing with the comics. At least we're good in terms of clothes and most of our kitchen stuff.

It's all the collections of stuff that require more work. Sorting things and hauling them over is one thing. Unpacking them again and finding places for everything is the other half of the equation. And it's taking a lot of time  to get both aspects settled amid our regularly daily routine and all the day-to-day stress of work. But we have to get things done soon as we're approaching the end of our lease at the old place. I suspect the last few batches will not be as organized and will probably be one big effort to just dump stuff quickly. I may need to spend time time at home to just sort things here in order to create more space to receive the last of our things. Such a fun challenge indeed.

Maybe a moving party actually would have been a good idea. But at the same time I don't think we have enough face masks for a full on party in the dusty old place.