0235A: Staying In

Between today's rainy weather and all the work that needed to get done, I haven't been out of the home/office much. I at least stepped out to buy lunch at the kopitiam down the street but quickly returned to the office to eat in front of my computer. Such is the glamourous life that I lead.

So I guess it's a really good thing that I got the bulk of my geek shopping done as the rainy weather hasn't been conducive for walking, to say the least. It was just overcast in the morning but after lunch it started to rain steadily and it got pretty bad around dinner time. The dogs have been a little cagey as bad weather makes some angsty while others are just frustrated that they can't walk outside given the bad weather.

Coffee Bean meal for breakfast. Dry ramen for lunch. Pizza for dinner. Lots of coffee in-between. And I got go vacuum. Good times.