02369: Stacks of Geekery

So Tobie made arrangements to haul some of the larger items left at the old Sietch today, particularly furniture that had initially been lent to us by Tobie's family when he moved out. We're talking about some nicely solid pieces of wood furniture including cabinets and tables that are certainly nice to have but just don't work given the more limited space here at Sietch Vicis. But that's okay.

The condo unit is a bit of a mess now with all the different boxes of items here and there. We still need to sort through a lot of these things and work on disposing them including a good number of old CDs and DVDs and what have you. But despite the mess, I'm happy to have most of our belongings here already and it's just a matter of figuring out how we want to organize things to make use of the space better. Not everything that we're geekily proud of can be on display at the same time, but that also means being smarter about what gets exposed to the elements and thus will also need regular cleaning to maintain.

Now we just need to find time  to get everything in order.