02361: Disappointing People

Social media and the internet in general will put you into contact with a wide range of people. In fact you'll deal with more people than what could be typically possible through in-person encounters alone. And so we all have contacts who we probably wouldn't want to invest long periods of time with in person and yet we still tolerate online through comment exchanges and other online shenanigans. Such is life.

Tobie and I occasionally make an effort to see what some online friends are like in person through gaming but the results are pretty varied. Thus the standing rule of Sietch game nights is that most folks get a chance to game with us at least once but if it doesn't work out then we tend to avoid inviting you over again.

But why bother, right? Well we still want to expand our gaming options. We still feel a love for the gaming hobby that includes trying to get more people to enjoy the tabletop experience. And I think to some extent we both want to believe that people are still be fundamentally okay more often than not. So they deserve a chance at the gaming table, right?

Plus with life being what it is, the line-up of gamers changes over time as work schedules change, family demands shift and other real life factors just muck things up. So a steady stream of new players is actually required, especially since it feels weird when we don't have any games going on in a weekend. Tobie gets a little finicky during weekends like that.

People can be great and people can be shitty. And we do put a lot of thought into who we game with, espeically who we choose to regularly invite to game with us at the Sietch itself.