02A20: A Breather

Thursday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 530

Still didn't work out this morning, but I am starting to feel a lot better. I think I can at least try some restorative yoga tomorrow. I'm itching to get back into any sort of workout routine, but I keep reminding myself I have to pace myself.

Work was super busy for both me and Tobie and we barely spoke throughout the day. At least one of us was bogged down with a meeting almost constantly throughout the day and we didn't even get to have lunch at the same time. Then again, we've barely been able to synchronize our lunchtimes all week. Not exactly the greatest build-up to my birthday weekend.

Still not quite feeling the birthday mood, and the President being on national TV right now isn't helping. Today's Baduy Pride live stream dedicated to Tintin helped cheer me up a bit but thinking about tomorrow's episode has me less than thrilled for some reason. It's not going to be a birthday party stream because I suspect we won't have a lot of people joining. So the compromise is that we'll try to talk about all the other things we'd normally do for a birthday had we not still been restricted under quarantine. It isn't the happiest topic around, but hopefully, we'll find a good angle for it. 

Gotta order my own birthday cake tomorrow as well. And maybe try something different for birthday dinner. The forms must be obeyed, at least. Maybe the fun stuff will catch up somehow.