02A13: The Weekend Couldn't Have Arrived Soon Enough

Friday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 517

Today's new COVID-19 cases in the country exceed 13,000 cases after two days of exceeding 12,000 cases. This is pretty much as bad as the number of cases were back in late March/early April when we last went into ECQ. Of course, it's still too early to determine whether or not we moved back into this stricter in time to stop an even worse possibility.

This was quite a stressful week at work despite it being a shorter one for us Singapore-based companies, but such is the nature of things. We had a number of employees exit, which is always sad. And we have potentially more work coming in, which is a good problem to have during a global pandemic. But having more work but fewer people is also not so great a thing to think about. Throw in some random "Friday the 13th" unluckiness like one of your primary project management tools being down for the day and you're left with a very *interesting* day indeed.

So let's see how the weekend makes up for things. At least we had a super fun Baduy Pride episode given so many friends joined. And I now feel better about the adobo I cooked for dinner that I was worried would taste wrong but ended up actually quite okay.

Here's to things being better for everyone.