02A1B: Initial Weekend Highlights

Weekend Drag Show

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 525

We've come to the end of our 75th full week in quarantine. Time sure does fly when your government continues to make a mess of their pandemic response.

One of the highlights of this weekend was Queen Anita and MC BLCK's online drag show last night, which was dedicated to celebrating the joy of musicals. There will always be a certain degree of theatricality to the world of drag, it always delights me to no end when the worlds of drag and musical theater come together. And man, their show was so much fun, that it really kicked off the weekend in the most amazing way. We all miss going to O Bar to unwind and celebrate good times with friends, but for now, these online experiences help make the pandemic feel a little less gloomy.

Today was quite busy. We had two separate online RPG sessions - in the morning Tobie ran a one-shot for a Kingdom Hearts-inspired game called Interstitial while in the evening we had our session for our ongoing campaign for Night's Black Agents. Somewhere in the middle, I managed to squeeze in time to work out and to enjoy a hearty Sariwon lunch with Tobie, which has become a weekly habit of ours throughout the quarantine. 

We have another game tomorrow and we'll also try to find time to play some board games, get the weekly groceries done, and whatever else comes to mind. We're just focusing on making the most of the weekend by letting our brains rest for dealing with the stress of our respective jobs and just try to enjoy things despite everything else going on in the world. 

Aside: The Snake Eyes movie was even more stupid than expected.