02A23: Emotional Recovery

Detective: LA Crimes

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 533

So I was still feeling a little off about the mundanity of my birthday yesterday, so Tobie listened to me talk through my feelings for a better part of the morning. It's never easy to talk about things like this, even after us living together for over a decade. But our ability to talk through even the most difficult topics has been one of the pillars of our relationship and why we've been together this long. 

And talking through things did help me feel shake off the funk I still woke up with, and I'm forever grateful to Tobie for being that support for me. I know a lot of my frustrations were indirectly related to the ongoing quarantine and a series of mishaps and unfortunate coincidences that all decided to happen yesterday.

The resolution of that discussion was to make sure that we'll keep certain things consistent and special about future birthday celebrations, especially if we end up still being in lockdown next year. As silly as it seems, we'll try to make sure we still have a birthday candle-blowing session between the two of us even if we end up not involving other people.

I definitely felt a lot better after that and the rest of the way went a lot better. We finally got to play the third and final case of the Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion, and we managed to finish the game with a perfect score! It was so much fun and we'll have to make sure we try to schedule future Detective sessions in the future - and we do still have a number of expansions to potentially play through. 

And since we don't have work tomorrow, we'll see how we can make the most of tonight by watching what promises to be a fabulous online drag show and maybe play some board games at the same time.