02A1C: Birthday Quasi Anticipation

Birthday Meat

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 526

It's my birthday in less than a week, but the gifts have already started to come in. And that's largely because we're still in quarantine, so all gifts need to be delivered ahead of time. My annual efforts to ask people for ebook donations have resulted in three gifted books so far (thanks Pico and Mitch!) which isn't too bad since I still haven't read every other book that has ever been gifted to me. There was the cake from my early online birthday celebration with the FGTC and just this week they sent another gift in the form of these massive steaks! So fancy.

Still no major plans for my birthday. We're still figuring out our Baduy Pride plans for the week, but I guess we could do some sort of a birthday salubong stream on Friday night. I'm scheduled to run the monthly medicine run for my folks on Saturday morning, so one way or another I'll visit my family on my birthday. We have a Pendragon game scheduled for that day and then after that, I guess we'll play board games whether it's just me and Tobie or any online friends we can pull in. Then Sunday we're scheduled to wrap-up our L.A. Crimes campaign for Detective

We should really play more Detective

I might go outside of my comfort zone and order a keto-friendly sushi bake for my birthday just to try it. Tobie suggested that we could also get a Kapalmuks from Pepeton's Grill for an extra special birthday meal. Plus we still have those fancy steaks that we should find the time to cook. I've also left myself a window to order a birthday cake for myself from Keto Filipino because I still need a cake on the day itself. Maybe I'll be brave and try a different flavor.

I have been weighing possible gifts for myself just to add a little special something for the celebration this year. I still want this coffeemaker, but I also feel my original assessment remains in terms of not watching this machine until we can safely have guests again. Not sure if there's a special board game I'd splurge on since I've already backed way more Kickstarters than I probably should have this year. I don't feel like buying clothes since (1) we're not going out and (2) we already spent a lot on drag queen shirts to help support some friends. I'm already committed to buying several Transformers that are expected to come out this month, so I guess I don't need anything else in that department. I'm still tempted by the Lego Typewriter, but it's out of stock. The Space Shuttle Discovery still feels too expensive and I really shouldn't get the Adidas Shoe/s.

So I guess no crazy birthday gift. Will focus on delivery food plans for the weekend. Maybe I'll take a day off work...but I always feel bad when I do that. LOL

Admittedly my heart still isn't fully in the celebratory mode, but the forms must be obeyed. I'd like to have a close friend over for the weekend, but that's still not a good idea given the Delta variant and how our building still won't allow guests. Do I even feel like drinking for my birthday? Even with a virtual inuman, it never quite feels as fun as it could be since we're ultimately apart from our friends and Tobie and I have come to fully appreciate that we're truly social drinkers.

The pandemic life really sucks.