02A1E: Tuesday Run-Through

Unique Delivery Fluff

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 528

I didn't work out this morning. The pain in my back hasn't gotten worse but it also hasn't gotten much better. I could have probably handled some yoga, but the last time I may have made my back pain worse, so we're not doing that again. So today...I rested. I still hit my 12,000 step goal for the day, but I didn't even go past 14k this time around. And Tobie helped me apply some Omega Pain Killer throughout the day to provide some relief. 

I probably won't work out tomorrow as well. I really want to - and it feels CRAZY that I actually want to work out more. But in order to avoid being a Frankenstein monster come my birthday this weekend, best to rest for now. Let's see how long I can survive this.

Work was super busy. We have a lot of things going on and I find myself needing to keep tabs on different initiatives. I got most of my stuff done but there are some things I feel like I still need to resolve. I should be able to catch up tomorrow since I don't have as many meetings. At the very least, this is my optimistic projection. 

Big delivery arrived today - our Year of Moloch edition of Neuroshima Hex arrived, and it's a delightful re-release that contains storage options for the 19 existing factions (but a new one is on the way) and some other bonuses. I'm not even all that great at this game, but I'm a sucker for a Portal Games creation that also offers a robust storage solution. Perfect way to jump into a game indeed.

I don't know what will be more fun - playing the game or just getting all the expansions into the box. I have my answer to the question, but feel free to chime in as well.

The Green Knight was amazingly beautiful and I already feel tempted to watch it again. Cruella wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but it still doesn't quite make sense to me with respect to the original 101 Dalmatians franchise.