02A12: Thursday Timing

Quick Pasta for a Busy Day

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 516

Today was another super busy day. It was the sort of workday that had me and Tobie juggling simultaneous conference calls for our respective jobs, so I ended up taking some of my meetings in the bedroom while Tobie remained in the living room. It was the sort of busy that meant that we both barely had time to prepare meals and I guess it's just lucky that I can whip up pasta pretty quickly while juggling other things. Tobie still ended up eating his bowl a lot later than I did given his back-to-back meetings.

We also finally got the toilet fixed, which is the third significant repair that we'd had to arrange for this unit this year. First, there were the kitchen cabinets that gave way. Then there was a bedroom doorknob. And most recently we had the toilet forever leaking between flushes. We're lucky that there are still building maintenance crew on-duty despite the ECQ. We just end up all wearing masks while the workers get things settled in the unit. It's just the most prudent thing to do.

To compensate for all the business and stress, we've returned to watching Pushing Daisies, because it's the show that keeps on giving. It's a delightful distraction and it's exactly the kind of entertainment we all need despite the gloom and doom of the ongoing pandemic and the 12k+ new cases per day.