02A21: Pre-Birthday

Sietch Kids

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 531

We've come to the end of another super busy workweek. Still juggling a number of initiatives and coping with some personnel changes. And while some projects are coming to an end, we also received happy news of other accounts coming in, so that more than balances things out. The sort of problems we're facing are mostly the "good" sort of problems that show the company is still growing and still surviving the pandemic. So on that front, I know I should try to remain appreciative. 

Still a little meh about my birthday, but today's Baduy Pride episode helped. Instead of hosting a live stream birthday celebration, we instead dedicated the episode to talking about birthdays themselves. I started out a little maudlin, I'll admit, but by the end, I was super into it. Nostalgia is truly powerful and the discussion really reminded me of a lot of great things.

No big plans for the night, but we're on a video call with our anak Nico, which is fitting. We're going to work on our respective Lego Everyone is Awesome sets together because that's what I requested when I got him one. It's cheesy but it's certainly an experience I want to share with him and it feels like a nice way to cross over into my actual birthday.