02A1D: Timely Signs of Aging

Monday Salmon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 527

I'm in pain again. I dug up my blog post about the last time I had to deal with back pain, and at the very least it seems what I'm experiencing now is different from the last time. I previously described the area of pain turning out to be in my upper back area more than my lower back. But given that experience, I am being extra careful. I've avoided overly aggressive twisting motions, including yoga flows that include more significant twists. And I may end up deferring circuit training this week depending on how soon this passes.

It's not as bad as the last time. Before the pain just got worse and worse and it reached a point where I couldn't raise my left arm without wincing. Now it's really just a spot on my lower back and both Tobie and I could distinctly feel the bad part. I probably pulled a muscle again whether during a circuit routine, a yoga flow, or maybe just that 5km jog I pushed myself into. 

Ironically, the last time I was in pain was just after Tobie's birthday. Now here I am again, but this time right before my own. I really hope this passes and turns out to be nothing serious. Like I said before on social - I really don't want to be suffering through pain during my birthday weekend. 

Great way to start the week.