02A07: Wanting To Travel To Family

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 505

One of the highlights of any day is catching my sister's social media updates of my nephews. I guess it's accurate to say that I miss the older one (because we've actually met in person), while I remain very eager to meet his younger brother. Social media is an amazing technological gift that helps to bridge the gap between our countries, but of course, it's never quite the same as being there.

Obviously, we haven't been able to visit them in Singapore since right before the pandemic really kicked into full gear. You could say that I was lucky to have been able to go at all since the media had already been reporting on this outbreak in China at the time I was set to fly. And I do appreciate the fact that I was there at all.

Given I used to fly over there at least once a quarter, just being here is quite jarring. And every new social media update stresses just how quickly my nephews are growing up right before our eyes. We're still sort of participating in the process, but I also can't help but feel like we're missing out as well. But there's not much else that can be done at this point - we're still in the middle of a global pandemic and we're dealing with stricter lockdowns in both countries as we continue to cope with the surge of delta variant cases. 

At least I get to visit my parents and brother since they're just in BGC. Had they still been based in QC, I don't know how I'd handle things. At least this way they're always just walking distance away and it's easier for me to be able to help out with different errands or to just be able to pop in to check up on them throughout the week. That's an amazing gift in these troubling times.

I know, we need to be patient for now. We continue to abide by our condo's oddly stricter no-guest policy for now and we mainly leave the Sietch for essential errands. We don't meet up with friends in public spaces (an option that is going away again with the looming ECQ) and we don't expect to alter that behavior just yet. While I'm already fully vaccinated, Tobie isn't until he gets his second dose in September, so we're still living with a higher degree of risk of exposure for him until then. It's smarter to wait it out for now and make the most of things. 

We're not exactly bereft of entertainment options at home. And at least we can continue to socialize and keep in touch with friends and family online. We still have some gaming options whether they're tabletop RPGs over Discord or Google Meet and digital adaptations of board games using software solutions like Tabletop Simulator or dedicated apps made available across different platforms as well. That all still has to count for something.